What is AmygdalaBuzz?

We believe history would repeat itself hence many of us manually 'go back' to the past and painstakingly try to find similar patterns that can 'predict' the future. It looks good in theory but the typical bottleneck would be nothing but ourselves. We typically see what we want to see and hope market would move according that what we believe have seen. Our psychology also tends come in the way to effect our judgement in making  trading decisions.

AmygdalaBuzz was created to address the need for more accurate trading forecasting with minimum human intervention. Based on unique proprietary Artificial Intelligence techniques, the system would go back to the history of more than 10 years in finding similar patterns, classify them and coming out with highly accurate prediction (more than 70%) in timely manner. It covers many instruments such as currencies, commodities, index and stocks depending on data availability. The system has built-in "self-learning" capability in order to keep generating accurate forecast signals to its subscribers.In a nutshell, artificial intelligence logic being used can assume human’s brain-like capability such as study the data, “self-learn” its relationships and then classify and recognize repeating patterns. The system is then able to use this pattern classification capability in producing information to make highly accurate market forecasts. The ability to learn patterns based on the previous repeated data and patterns, allows the program to generalize conclusions on related future directions of the markets.

In addition to typical forecast of forex currency pairs signals, AmygdalaPattern is also producing other instruments such as for commodities, index and stocks. Forecast are generated automatically once new patterns are found by the systems for the convenience of its users.

AmygdalaBuzz  was also supported with the flow analysis to illustrate the market flow so trader will have a better view on the big trend.

While every trader is responsible for their own trades, AmygdalaBuzz forecast provide very useful information to complement any trading strategy.








[grid_2]SecundoLee-860x1024[/grid_2][grid_5]Secundo Lee is an Indonesian living in Singapore as Full Time Trader.   He has very unique rare combination of trader, programmer and trainer/educator at the same time.  He has started his programming journey when he was only 10 years old and once built a complete trading system from scratch for a brokerage company.  He founded Fxpod International Pte Ltd with clear mission is growing the Forex community together with smart solutions.[/grid_5]



Recent update

  • Upgrading the System
    We upgrade the AmygalaBuzz website and the backend system for 2014. Upgrade start from 27 December 2013, apology for the inconvenient caused by the upgrade.
  • Happy New Year 2013
    Fxpod team would like to  wish you all a Happy New Year 2013,  hope this new year bring you success and more pips to collect.  After traveling 78,472 km, 101 air tickets,…
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  • Example of AmygdalaBuzz Analysis
    The analysis is generated in the Tokyo Market Open time around 7:00 AM (GMT+8)
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