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What is AmygdalaBuzz?

History repeat by itself

AmygdalaBuzz was created to address the need for more accurate trading forecasting with minimum human intervention. Based on unique proprietary Artificial Intelligence techniques, the system would go back to the history of more than 10 years in finding similar patterns, classify them and coming out with highly accurate prediction (more than 70%) in timely manner. It covers many instruments such as currencies, commodities, index and stocks depending on data availability. The system has built-in "self-learning" capability in order to keep generating accurate forecast signals to its subscribers. In a nutshell, artificial intelligence logic being used can assume human’s brain-like capability such as study the data, “self-learn” its relationships and then classify and recognize repeating patterns. The system is then able to use this pattern classification capability in producing information to make highly accurate market forecasts. The ability to learn patterns based on the previous repeated data and patterns, allows the program to generalize conclusions on related future directions of the markets.


We Provide


We provide daily Alerts through our AmygdalaBuzz website for Day/Swing Trades,
covers Almost Entire Europe and US session. Manually generated High Profit Probability signals and easy to obtain the result. It is ideal for part time traders. The daily signal generated with a unique proprietary Artificial Neural Network algorithm for pattern recognition.


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We work with brokers and educational company to offer their client our Pattern Recognition system

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Start your trading journey with us!


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